Is It Safe To Use 9Apps In 2020?

For most of the people, who are engaged with their android devices, shuffling from one app to another and downloading new ones, they all rely on Google Play Store. For me, Google Play Store is a pretty much ideal app market to fulfill my needs but you have seen lots of people accessing awesome games and apps by using 9Apps.

which is an app market for android but is it really good to use? Most of the people have the question that why to prefer it and is it safe as reliable to go with? In order to eradicate all the issues and answer your all the questions I personally used 9apps and found that there are pretty much good reasons to use it.

Main factors why using 9Apps

  • Firstly, 9Apps is easy to use because of the interface offered by the developers. The red on the white colour theme makes it simple and a lot more decorative also.
  • It is way faster than Google Play Store because it starts downloading just in one tap. The faster download is also possible due to less information retrieve in 9apps.
  • There is no need to add any kind of account as you do in Google Play Store and other. Just download the 9app and get started by the installation.
  • The pause and resume option grabbed my attention. Most of people with slow internet connection get the benefit of this feature for sure.
  • You can directly get the apk file so you can install it whenever it is required and it is a good option when you want to share with others. So, this gives a new edge of benefits.

These are some really good reasons which can make you use this app but get lots of benefits which can make you get it.

Safety Factor

Safety is the major factor but most of people don’t pay too much attention because they don’t know the important factors to look for. We just checked out all the things related to safety and even we get to know about one more benefit. You are able to download almost all the banned applications on Google App Store.

Some of the banned apps are pretty much good and quite useful but they are banned because they offer some premium services free or just for an example, you can find all the apps offering likes and comments on social media. if you are willing to get those apps and without tackling to any kind of issue then 9app is a good choice.

So, what’s the final verdict?

For pretty much good reason, I loved most of the features like featured apps, trending apps and many more. Even downloading 9apps is also easy. If you get a new phone then just open any of the web browsers and visit the official website of 9apps. Choose the download option and an apk will start downloading. Install this app and everything is done. You can get any of the apps easily and it is also easy to install.

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